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Gastronomy in Cusco

Culinary Delights of Cusco: Traditional Flavors that Delight the Senses

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The exquisite and varied food Cusco is characterized not only by its flavor and by combination of traditional Andean products in the region; influences also for being one of the living expressions and more representative of the southern Andean culture in Peru. it is true what many say, that the food of Cusco is pleasant salty taste? ...

When a visitor asks for the typical food of Cusco, the answer is always the same: try the Chiri-Uchu; and we need to ask why, we know that the Chiri-Uchu is a combination of delicious flavors and the signature dish of the region. However, for us there are others Cusco various dishes and food that we know to tradition and family; delights offered us many typical food restaurants; located in different parts of the city, made by and for Cusco. Of the countless dishes from sweet, salty flavors, Cusco presents some spectacular places you might visit to taste some of its spectacular cuisine.


During a weekend or any day; about an hour from the historic center, is located Saylla village and its many local food restaurants and famous mainly ”Chicharrones” pork cracklings. It is one of the perfect lunch with family or friends places. Arriving on both sides of the highway you can see posters advertising hot chicharrones ready to taste; places to choose from, with wide green spaces and recreational areas that make you forget for a moment from the routine of the city.

Chicharrones are chunks of tender pork, fried in the same fat, which are accompanied by white corn boiled or "mote"; plus boiled potatoes and onion salad with mint that gives the dish a touch of green and freshness.

  1. Forget the diet! ... The retakes on Monday, or if you want today but when you return to Cusco. The salad is rich but not enough on the plate to accompany the tasty piglet.
  2. Forget the cutlery! ... All good cusqueño knows that if you want to eat well the pork, eat it with the hands, covered just simply do not know.
  3. Health before enjoyment ... In Saylla there are many chicharrón restaurant, but not all are equally good or equally safe, choose a name and ask the locals Cusco; everyone has a favorite place and recommended. Tips: "if the restaurant is empty it is no accident".


This bread is from The Village of Oropesa, a few minutes from the city of Cusco. Commonly called "pan Chuta". For visitors of Cusco, one of the things that most classic of Cusco is the bread of Oropesa or "Chuta"; this bread is made with local ingredients, pleasant taste and artisan baking.

This bread is ideal when people from Cusco have a teatime; accompanied this sweet bread, buttered and hot coffee is a treat for the palate. They sell in the city markets especial in San Pedro market.

The village of Oropesa offers the best bread of Cusco. The place is full of artisan ovens and all the people to become very typical as the smell of freshly baked bread and hot that makes you salivate. You do not forget to taste this bread in Cusco, no matter if it is the first or the thousandth time you should eat it.


One of the great legacies great food that made the Inca culture are white and yellow corn, of varying quality, flavors and sizes, from the beautiful green fields of this spectacular valley. Harvested from the farms between the months of January and February; It is white maize in its various presentations. Commonly called "Choclo" is accompanied by a tasty piece of Andean cheese and pepper or even the typical "uchucuta" delicious homemade taste with red pepper sauce in the region. You eat it eat it where it will always be pleasant taste and unforgettable experience.

If You will travel to the Sacred Valley, nothing like enjoying a delicious Cusco corn with cheese, cooked by the owners of the farms, in huge pots, located on the roadside; a spectacular experience that will delight your palate enjoying a fresh corn.


Tamales are a kind of very famous cakes throughout Peru, on the coast, mountains and jungle; each has its own way of development with their own inputs. The tamale in Cusco is a preparation of pleasant sweet or salty taste, made with the ground, white and fresh corn, from the Sacred Valley and other traditional inputs in the region.

The tamales are prepared by the Cusco families with the same homemade recipe for over 90 years. On the other hand, you can find any day of the week in a corner of Portal Belen, located just meters from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco or Main Square of Cusco.

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