September - October

Festivities and Events in September & October


feria mistura

Mistura food fair is the most important in Peru. It is a fair where Peruvians of all walks of life, ages, gender celebrate their culinary tradition, to reaffirm and celebrate the cultural diversity of the jungle, the Andes and the Peruvian coast.

Señor de Huanca

festividad el senor de huanca

Every year, on September 14, thousands of devotees from Cusco, Peru and even from different places like Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile, pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Huanca to receive blessings.

Señor de los Milagros

señor de los milagron pachacamilla

Also called Christ or purple Christ of Pachacamilla, it is an image of Christ on the cross, painted on an adobe wall located in the main altar of the Shrine of The Nazarene in the city of Lima and venerated by Peruvians and foreigners in Peru and around the world, who is considered miraculous.