Holy Week in Cusco


Easter is held in the city of Cusco.


Easter in Cusco is between the second half of March to the first week of April, the date is changing.


The celebration of Holy Week in Cusco is particular. It shows the journey of many believers of the people, as domestic and foreign visitors.

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Easter is a memorial center in the Catholic world as it recalls the death and resurrection of Christ. In Cusco, this celebration is associated with the Lord of the Earthquakes, protector of the city.

The image of Taytacha of Earthquakes, as it is called in Cusco a Christ carved in black wood, struck by the expression of hardness and pain of the image to the agony. The cult goes back to colonial times, when in 1650 a relentless earthquake virtually destroyed the city and the people decided to take this Christ in procession through the city streets.


Various writers of the time of the great Inca Empire agree that the traditional Easter in Cusco is based on the Christ of tremors or called "Taytacha of Earthquakes".

Although the celebrations are already stretched to the whole week. Luis E. Valcárcel, in his book "Memoirs" tells us: "Between Wednesday, Thursday and Good Friday were held major events as The Review, a colonial roots ceremony, which was that the canonical tended to face on the floor of Cathedral praying to God for forgiveness of their sins."

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