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You don't need Visa to people that come from Western Europe, Asia, South America, or North America, Australia, New Zeeland, or South Africa to enter to Peru, buy it is demanded the respective passport upgraded for people that came from India and Fidji in order to obtain the tourist visa, you need a valid passport, two color pictures, and the form of application, and the airline ticket to leave Peru. Also economical proof and pay a determine cost.

In order to enter is necessary a valid passport of at least 6 months, after arriving to the country. If the passport expires once in the country, you could renovate free of charge in the appropriate embassy in Peru, if you run out of pages you could ask for more also in the same embassy of your own country.

To all the people that visit Peru they will relieve upon arrival a card that needs to be completed with all the appropriate information. All cards have a duplicate copy and the office of INS will stay with a copy

Consulates & Embassies


  • Address: Jr. Pablo Bermúdez 143, Santa Beatriz, Lima
  • Telephone: (00 51 1) 4335704


  • Address: Av. Víctor A. Belaunde 147, Vía principal 155, building 3, of. 1301, San Isidro
  • Telephone: (00 51 1) 2228281

Tourist Directory Peru


Industry and Turism Regional Address

  • Address: Av. de la Cultura 734, 3rd floor.
  • Telephones: 22-3701 / 22-3761 / 22-2032 / 22-7147.

Tourism information Office

  • Address: Mantas Street 188 (Next to Merced Church).
  • Service hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Saturdays from 8:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.
  • Telephone: 26-3176.

Emergency numbers

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