The archaeological site of Sillustani is located 34 km away from the Puno city (35 minutes drive) and a height of 3,840 meters above sea level.


On a peninsula of Lake Umayo Sillustani is a cemetery where one can see a series of impressive tombs belonging to the Kolla culture, which developed in the northern part of the lake, known locally as Hatuncolla.

The extraordinary form of the tombs, inverted truncated cones, called chulpas are constructions that are fewer in number, also in several other locations in Puno.

Sillustani - Puno


What are the most prevalent natural landscapes which left us time to be seen around the lagoon Umayo, but highlight of this place is the cemetery built in the twelfth century by a civilization that occupied the area before the Inca domain.


Access to this archaeological site is free, it is preferable to perform it with respective tour guides for more knowledge.