The archaeological site of Pucara is located 106 kilometers from the city of Puno, is located in the district of Pukara, within the province of Lampa.


Pucará is characterized by having two types of architectural expression, a feature likely monumental ceremonial function and possibly other rustic homes, the best known being the sector consisting ceremonial pyramids way artificial terraces, the main pyramid Kalasaya predominating.

Pucara Puno


Highlights include three temples sunken plazas or unusual characteristics are U-shaped or hardware, built with stone slabs of red and white highlighting the sunken central plaza quadrilateral.

Also in this archaeological site is located four burial chambers or tombs containing human remains, associated with gold and copper objects, such cameras are accessed by a double door jamb whose steps printed decoration on top of the stones , towards the top is a platform built with red stones into small enclosures, three in each, probably ritual function.


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