The Manuel Chavez Ballon Museum is situated at a height of 112km of the railroad, 2 km from Machu Picchu village and 5 km from Machu Picchu citadel.


The Manuel Chavez Ballon Museum is one of the most important in Peru, it was designed at the beginning of the 60´s, thanks to the donations of Mrs Anita Fernandini de Naranjo.

museo de sitio machu picchu


Manuel Chavez Ballon is an illustrious character in Peru and most of all in Cusco, born in 1919 in Puno, and his passion for history and archeology motivated him to pursue higher education in the University of San Antonio Abad del Cusco; it is here where he would meet those who would later become his mentors, the famous writer Cusqueño Luis Eduardo Valcarcel and the anthropologist Julio Cesar Tello.

In 1942 began an expedition led by Julio Cesar Tello around the whole South of Peru, his main objective being exploring Machu Picchu in depth; it was during this journey that they discovered “Wiñay Huayna”, an important archeological center, situated on the route from Inca trail to Machu Picchu; they remained longer in that place, discovering archeological remains and restoring the place. In honor of his great contribution to the history of Cusco and Peru, they named the Machu Picchu site museum after his name, Manuel Chavez Ballon.


The Manuel Chavez Ballon Museum´s purpose is to expose and disseminate the research carried out by the specialized staff at the archeological park of Machu Picchu, contextualizing the thematic and cultural material and expressing a complete vision of the significance of Machu Picchu.

The museum has the aspect of a small rural house, but at the same time dynamic and modern, where you can find around 400 cultural pieces divided in 7 rooms, that explain in the simplest and most enjoyable way the history and significance of Machu Picchu. Among the best examples displayed in the museum the following stand out: the constructive tools of copper and bronze, as well as pins and anthropomorphic representations, a clear proof of metallurgical ability of the Incas; we can also find lithic objects and vessels made of clay, possibly used to do rituals. The site museum also offers visitors the possibility to explore the “Orquideario” (The Orchid Garden), with more than 400 species of plants and a “Mariposario” (Butterfly Garden) that houses species unique in the world.


The prices to visit Manuel Chavez Ballon site museum of Machu Picchu are the following:
National or foreign adult: S. / 22.00
National or foreign student: S. /11.00
National or foreign Primary/Secondary/High school student: S. /8.00


The hours of contact with the public of Manuel Chavez Ballon Museum are:
Monday to Saturday, from 6:00am to 5:00pm.