Tambomachay, The Bath of the Inca


El Baño de la Ñust'a


Tambomachay Archeological Site

Tambomachay is 5 kilometers from the city of Cusco and 0.6 Km from Pucapucara. To reach Tambomachay you can take a city tour of any travel agency (most of them offer this service). It is also reached by taking the transport Cusco - Pisac and Cusco - Calca.


The site covers approximately an acre and the material used for its construction was limestone with polygonal style gear. The tradition knows this monument as "The Bathing of Ñusta" due to the existence of two crystalline aqueducts that carry water throughout the year. 

tambomachay cusco


This resort is located between some hills that are covered with a grass (in Quechua "ichu") and in certain seasons are the "llaullit'ica" and "Cantu" beautiful flowers of various colors. Tambomachay has three successive terraces corridors or bottom-up and arguably equal three floors. The buildings are well assembled irregular polyhedra, the walls are inclined inward, presenting niches or niches large and spacious. In front of the main building, on the eastern side of the set, stands an incomplete circular keep at the top.


Monday to Sunday from 7:00 to 18:00
Price: Entry included in Tourist Ticket.

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