The Archaeological Museum is located in the UNSA Calle Alvarez Thomas 200 - Cercado Arequipa.


The creation of the Museum of the UNSA was due "thanks" to the discovery of mines Churajón (Choquellampa - Mollebaya, the Waca) and starts with a small collection of artifacts donated by Monsignor Leonidas Bernedo Malaga and enhanced by the efforts of first Professor of Archaeology at the University Dr. Manuel G. Polar Suarez.

The archaeological Museum that has come from the research funded by the University and by foreign foundations and donations from philanthropists Peruvian culture lovers, as collections Manuel M. Del Valle, Jabar, Fulbright, Victoria De La Jara and many more.

The Museum's archaeological material from different periods, from the pre-ceramic 8000 BC until the colony and Republic, highlighting objects Regional Development period of Arequipa Churajón.

Archaeological Museum José María Morante


The Museum currently has about eight thousand cultural objects made of ceramic, bone, prehispanic textiles, mummies, stone objects, metals, etc., Is the most valuable collection of ceremonial vessels called Keros or Yabar collection.

Among the Museum's most striking pieces highlights the mummy of a girl of 5-6 years, found in the upper area of Pichu Pichu that was given in sacrifice to Apu (God incarnate on a hill or a mountain), the baby died of a blow to the head and was buried with pots, kerosene, maize remains and pieces of metal such as silver and bronze.


Visiting hours are Monday through Friday from 09:00 pm to 04:00 pm
The cost of general admission is S /. 2.00 soles.