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A colorful and festive celebration that brings together crafts, culture and traditions in Cusco's Main Square during the Christmas season.

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Santurantikuy, one of Cusco's most traditional and beloved fairs, is a true visual and cultural feast that marks the Christmas season in the city. Held every December 24 in the Plaza de Armas, this colorful fair is a magical encounter where crafts, culture and traditions come together to create a unique experience.

The origins of Santurantikuy date back to colonial times, when local people would come to the city center to purchase nativity scene figurines and Christmas decorations. Today, the fair has evolved into an event that goes beyond buying and selling items. It is an opportunity for local artisans to showcase their talent and creativity, exhibiting a wide variety of handmade products, from nativity figurines to textiles, ceramics and jewelry.

The festive atmosphere is completed with musical performances and traditional dances that fill the square with joy and energy. Visitors can enjoy the music and color while exploring the stalls and immersing themselves in Cusco's unique Christmas atmosphere.

Santurantikuy is much more than a craft fair. It is a celebration of Cusco's cultural identity and a reminder of the importance of keeping traditions alive. It is an event that brings the community together and attracts tourists from all over, giving them the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the region.

If you are lucky enough to be in Cusco during the Christmas season, don't miss the opportunity to visit Santurantikuy. Immerse yourself in the magic of this enchanting fair, where tradition and creativity come together in a feast for the senses and the spirit.


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