This July 28 is the main day of the celebrations for the national holiday in Peru, this due to the declaration of independence made ​​by Don Jose de San Martin in 1821.


The celebrations are held in all cities of the country, even in remote villages. The most common events are: The feathering of the houses and buildings, civil-military parades in major cities, serenades, concerts and fairs.

Celebracions in Lima:

The main celebrations begin the evening of 27 with serenades and Creole folk music in various squares and parks. The dawn of the 28 is celebrated Te Deum ceremony at the Cathedral of Lima, where he assists the President, then there is the presidential address at the congress of the republic. On July 29 the act most remarkable is the Great Military Parade.

Celebracions in Cusco

In Cusco you can see the flag of the houses, buildings and even monuments as center acts also have school parades and parade with dances. Furthermore, Cusco presents for these dates, the large influx of domestic and foreign tourists.

As part of the celebrations this year include the launch of the video called "Blanquirrocola" by the Brand Peru, which you can viewHere.