San Francisco square, corner of Ancash and Lampa St.


The nunnery was founded in 16th century and it is the restored “jewel” of ancient churches of Lima. It has Sevillan tiling and carved wood in its rooms as the Chorus, library and also the famous catacombs.

Museum of San Francisco Convent



The major temple sacristy is one of the jewels of the Franciscan group. The works in the sacristy were finished in 1730, being its front outstanding. It was performed by alferez Lucas de Meléndez.

Before Port:

Going through the port of the nunnery, an spacious room is located with tiling in the plinths that shows as main attraction a triptych of crucified Jesus which side paintings are pieces of Angelino Medoro. We can also find Limeñan school paintings that are very valuable.


Here, we are going to find a wood sculpture of crucified Jesus, Catholic church saints, Limeñan school of 17th century as Cusquenian school paintins and tow paintings shaped like medallions that represent passages in life of Saint Francisco Solano that were made to celebrate his canonization.


It is an ample room with carved wooden ceiling with Sevillan tiling plinths. There are four paintings from famous artists that represent catholic saints.

Main cloister:

It is a beautiful square patio surrounded by galleries shaped like half arches, eleven in each side, all of them supported by pilasters. The walls are decorated with Sevillan tiling plinths that are from 1620 and are the decoration theme of Franciscans.

Bier hall:

It is a room where the diverse biers for processions are conserved. We can see the following: One that is embossed silver that is used the first Sunday in November of every year for the procession of St Judas Tadeo, another one that is in carved wood and gold leaf and a third one that is designated to St Francisco de Asis, also carved in wood and with gold leaf.

Profundis museum or room:

It is a room designated to the exhibition of a collection of eleven canvases of 3 meters approx. Each represents "Christ passion". All of them had great performance, color harmony and great expression in its characters.


It was a room that was formerly used as dining room. The famous 15 canvas collection that represents the 12 apostles, redeemer Christ, Virgin Mary and St Pablo are astonishing paintings that belong to the artistic hand of the Spanish Franciso de Zurbarán.


We can see an enormous canvas of 5m x 6m big that represents the genealogic tree of the Franciscan order (1734).


The most startling of the place are the catacombs that impress everybody because it was a cemetery in colonial time.


Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday from 9:30 to 17:30
General S/. 7.00
Students S/. 3.50
Kids S/. 1.00