Mapa del Museo Inka

The Inka Museum is located a few steps from the main square of Cusco, on the street Cuesta del Almirante 103, which is located on the right side of Cusco Cathedral.


It is one of the most remarkable colonial houses of the city of Cusco, known as “The Admiral´s House”. It was built in the early seventeenth century with Inca stones under the direction of lieutenant mayor Francisco Aldrete Maldonado, called the Admiral, who lived until his death in 1643. The Inka Museum of Cusco was rebuilt by Pedro Peralta de los Rios after the earthquake of 1650 and restored again after the earthquake of 1950 by the San Antonio Abad University, which to this day is the institution responsible for its administration. It currently holds the coat of arms of his rebuilders, who added the attractive plateresque cover that shines today, as well as its great patio of arcades and coffered halls.

museo inka


It brings together a vast collection of Keros (carved wooden ceremonial vessels), textiles, mummies and idols of solid gold and silver, as well as weapons, tools and Inca and pre-Inca ceramics. Its architecture shows the splendor of colonial art, as the outdoor balcony whose central pillar is shaped as a caryatid. It belongs to the San Antonio Abad National University of Cusco and has an enviable collection of archaeological pieces from the Inca culture and before. For the number of copies and its large rooms, it could be said that the Inka Museum is probably the most important in Cusco.


Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 08:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
Saturdays and holidays: 09:00a.m.-4:00p.m.
The entry cost to Inka Museum is: National adults: S / 5.00 Foreign adults S / 10.00