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Paucartambo feast - virgen carmen


The celebrations begin on July 15 in the evening with the traditional test with dances and fireworks display at night.

The main day of this religious celebrations is on July 16th, the celebrations begin early with the mass "misa de aurora", then as at 10 am hosts the "misa de fiesta”, which is accompanied by songs of "Qhapac Qollas" and "Qhapac negros". Since around noon after the parade and dances gives the distribution of the eleven, between the founders, dancers and musicians of all extras. The day ends with the procession of the Virgin.

July 17th is known as the day of the "Blessing" and "Guerrilla". After Mass the dancers and representatives of neighboring communities of people head to the cemetery to visit the dead and dancers. In the afternoon after the procession is given the guerrillas between "Qollas" and "Antis" and finally comes the "Qhaswa" or general party.

Dances that accompany the Virgen del Carmen


"Danzaq or" Tusuq "dance where the dancers are credited with seductive skills on young teenagers, married and widowed is one of the best groups for their colorful dresses and elegance to the dance. They cover their heads with “chucos”, wearing short ponchos sewn with ornaments and blue pants divided into stripes with the colors of the rainbow, is undoubtedly one of the most representatives of the province of Paucartambo.

virgen carmen 03


This dance represents Kosñipata jungle women, but has a clear contemporary influence because of wearing and the music that accompanies it. Her wardrobe consists of a crown of Amazons, with her hair, one front representing the Virgin, two “'ch'uspas" that serve to bring their “wayruros”, a suitable dress in wearing a “chonta” and “sinehon”.

viergen carmen 04

Qhapaq negro

This dance which in Spanish means "Rich Black" Relive the era where blacks were slaves, so carry chains in submission. Today Paucartambo Blacks are consider themselves slaves of the Virgin of Carmen, who offer their beautiful and wonderful dance and sentimental songs.

virgen carmen 02

Qhapaq qolla

Representative dance of the Qollasuyu people, its origin dates back to colonial times when qollavinos traders came to Paucartambo. The dance has its essence in faith to the "Mamacha del Carmen", and during the party who sing dance and cheer on the guerrillas. The dancers wear beautiful and ornate “monteras”, the “waq'ollo” and “lliclla” that is made of vicuna, "Vicuna q'epi" contains a dissected.

virgen carmen 07

Qhapaq Ch'uncho

This dance represents the Qosñipata jungle's warriors (district of the province of Paucartambo). In dress used multicolored feathers called "ch'ucu" long tresses, mesh mask, unku a way to skirt wire mesh mask, carrying a spear "chonta". The band is typical (two whistles, drum and bass drum).

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