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Temple of the Sun


Temple of the Sun

The plaza is located in Santo Domingo where current temple and convent of Santo Domingo is, it was built on the remains of Qorikancha and extends to Av El Sol.


According to Inca conception, the Qorikancha was the religious center of Cusco, geographical and political center. The Temple of Qorichancha, was where maximum paid homage to the Inca god "Inti" (Sun) was held. "Qori" means gold worked its Spanish form is cori. "Kancha" means an enclosed space, bounded by walls. Hence it is that the name corresponds approximately "place that has gold".



Garcilaso's description, is in harmony with what is still standing today. Although this is only a pale reflection of what actually the Qorikancha was in Inca times.

The Temple of the Sun

It was the main Temple of entire Qorikancha, occupying more than half the width of the current Church of Santo Domingo. Garcilaso says that in this temple were the embalmed bodies of the children of the Sun positions by seniority on chairs and tables of gold, the walls were covered with gold plates, there a disc representing the figure of the sun in a golden plate thicker than the other plates that covered the temple. The western end corresponds to the current drum overlooking Avenida Sol, its eastern end reached the churchyard.

The Temple of the Moon

This temple was closer to the Temple of the Sun, as it was considered the wife of Sun, the Moon. This building was lined with silver boards, existing representation of the moon made in silver. Among the mummies were kept of the arrayed old Coyas. About half of the temple was demolished by the Spanish to build the nave of the church of Santo Domingo. It occupies part of the western side of the courtyard of the Qorichancha.

The Temple of Venus and the Stars

It is close to the Temple of the Moon, but separated by a beautiful alley, dedicated to Venus and the seven goats and all other stars. A Venus the Incas called "Chasca" which means star. In this temple stood the Inca, as references to the historians, for they were to be divinized or festivals or sacrifices made in the rectangular courtyard. It occupies part of the western side of the courtyard of the Qorichancha.

temple of venus and the stars

Temple Illapa or Chuki Illapa

Illapa or Chuki Illapa mean while lightning, lightning and thunder. The temple in question is in front of the Temple of Venus, door jamb has three simple, equidistant and slightly trapezoidal, it also has a window on each side wall.

Temple K'uychi or Rainbow

In this temple rainbow was worshiped, which according to ancient belief it came from the sun, it has identical architectural characters as Illapa Temple. A part of this temple was demolished by the Spanish to build Dominican Convent buildings. It is north of the Temple of Illapa and opposite the Temple of the Moon, eastern side of the inner courtyard of the Qorichancha.


Almost all the world's people, in all times, in front of the temples built spacious squares. Intipanpa or Intipampa (the name translates as Plain Sun) is the place where their courts were nobles, servants, dancers, etc. when parties during the Inca nobility moved to Qorikancha. This place currently belongs to the Plaza de Santo Domingo, apparently its limits and extent have not changed much. It is to the North from where Qorikancha was.

The Solar Garden

It became the great reservoir of offerings of all subject nations and Confederate brought to the Sun God, the offerings consisted of representations of flora and fauna Tahuantinsuyo. According to some historians, these offerings made in gold and silver were life size and were many who crowded surprisingly and the terraces in such numbers that the Spanish called The Solar Garden. In colonial time it became the Dominican friars' garden. Located in the western part of Qorikancha, you can see from the Avenida Sol in its entirety.

the solar garden


There were five water fountains, the origins of water sources was a kept secret. Fountains had religious significance and were decorated with precious metals. It was where they located throughout Qorikancha extension, now we can see a fountain with octogonal corners in the courtyard of Qorichancha.

water fountains of qorikancha


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