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The Archaeological Complex of Q'ente



The previously mentioned archeological sites are distributed in the first part of the Inca trail on the limit of Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary.


Q’ente archeological complex is the totality of distributed samples in the land that covers the northeastern portion of the Hacienda that has the same name.
Starting at the eastern end of the complex at about 84km of the rail road, it has 9 archeological groups that are spread until the 90Km of the rail road.

inka trail


9 archeological sites can be found.

T'ankarpata (Where T'ankar grows): It is made up of short terraces with rustis structures. There are vestiges of rustic homes with base of small quarried stones.

Kiswarpata (where kiswar grows): Leyonniyuc, Olleriayuc and Tunasmoqo form this group, it has rustic buildings made of mud with stone base.

Willkaraqay or Willkarakay ( sacred barn): It has more than 30 enclosures distributed in a singular symmetry; a semi circular based tower is located in the western end of the complex.

Kusichala: "Kusichaka" (happy bridge): This archeological group covers both banks of Kusichaka creek; some archeological monuments can be highlighted here: the bridge, crumbling terraces, tombs, aqueducts and paths.

Llactapata or Patallacta (town in a site): It is more than a kilometer long. In this complex you can see: plains terraces, straight paths, well designed buildings blocks, worship places, check and communication points.

House of the hacienda zone: The remains of an inca bridge are over the river in which the new one was built. In front of the house there are old terraces working as retaining walls.

Tarapata and Carved Rock (Where the plant Tara grows): Two enclosures related to terraces are found, at the base of the mountain and very close to the old terraces, a rock with straight moldings is.

Machu Q'ente (old hummingbird): there is a row of ten terraces with wide embankments. In the center of theses terraces we can see a group of enclosures that the peasants call Tiendachayuc.

Wayna Q'ente (young hummingbird): It is following Machu Q'ente and a gorge formed by a creek divides them. We can find three groups of terraces, a mausoleum and small bathrooms.

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