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South of Lima, Ica is surrounded by deserts and is famous as the capital of the Peruvian department that gave birth to the famousliquor, Peruvian Pisco. The sweet, delicious and quite particular, are a delicacy for the senses. The heat, which leads us to hand in our walks, makes wonderful stay in Ica.


important data:


Seasons Climate T min. (C) T max. (C) Humidity
Summer (January - March) warm 19 33 53%
Otumn (April - June) cold 13 28 60%
Winter (July - September) cold 10 25 66%
Spring (October - December) cool 13 32 55%

Ica city weather is dry and sunny throughout the year due its location in the desert.


Destination Altitude
Ica City 398 m.a.s.l.
Nazca 593 m.a.s.l.
Paracas 33 m.a.s.l.

The altitudes shown is in meters about sea level (m.a.s.l.).


According the last report of National Institute of Statistic (INEI).

Destination Population
Ica City 130006 people
Nazca 26693 people
Paracas 5722 people

things to do:

Here are some suggestions about how to spend your time in Ica, Nazca or Paracas:

  • Discover the most mysterious place of Peru. Flying over the amazing figures in Nazca and Palpa.
  • Practice sandboarding in the dunes around Huacachina Lagoon.
  • Know the process of realization of Pisco, from growing grapes to bottling in the prestigious vineyards of Ica.
  • Learn about the life, research and discoveries of Maria Reiche museum in the house that bears his name.
  • Admire the ecosystem of sea lions, while the set of sails to the Ballestas Islands.

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  • Archaeological Centers

    Two places to visit are in Ica. One belongs to a culture far more ancient than the Inca left us stunned by its structure appreciable air, the other is a ceremonial center cosmic energy is still being felt.

    centros Arqueologicos

  • Museums

    Ica, a coastal city that was home to two very important Pre-Hispanic cultures, like the Nazca and Paracas, has museums with pieces worth unobjectionable in textiles, ceramics and above all, clear explanations about the Nazca lines. Another point of interest in Ica is your geoglyphs are also substantial portion of its museums.



  • Natural Attractions

    Nestled in the middle of a desert, Ica has the inherent beauty of it. It has the highest dunes of Peru and perhaps America. Similarly, with characteristics quite similar to that of sub-Saharan desert, Ica has a beautiful lagoon with friezes oasis. TheHuacachina, evocativenamefor those who like this kind of scenery, is surrounded by palm trees and houses of the nineteenth century.


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